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Bhedetar- A hidden gem in Eastern Nepal




Bhedetar is a hill station in Dhankuta district of Province No 1 in Nepal, situated at an altitude of 1420 m. It can be a perfect gateway for people who love to enjoy mountains far away from the hustle & bustle of the main touristy areas.

How to reach

1. You can catch a train to Jogbani, Bihar & then after crossing the border, you have to catch a bus from Biratnagar. It is 62 km away from Biratnagar.
2. If you’re planning to visit from Siliguri, West Bengal, you have to cross the border from Panitanki. Then you can catch a bus for Bhedetar. It is 125 km from Kakarbhitta, the first town of Nepal after crossing Panitanki border.


Accommodation– There is an umpteen number of budget hotels available in Bhedetar. Most of them will be happy to provide you with a double-bedded room with attached bathroom in INR 400 to 500. As INR is accepted in Nepal, you can have some negotiations with them if you tell them that you’re going to pay in INR.

Food– Most of the hotels offer foods on demand. Otherwise, there are many cheap eateries available where you can have a square of meal within INR 200.

If you take alcohol, there’s a local beverage called Tongba, which is a must-try.

It is prepared by mixing fermented millet with hot water. It is widely drunk by Limbus, the local mountain tribe.


1. Hile- A hilly township with an altitude of 1981 m, just 45 km away from Bhedetar.
2. Namaste Jharna- A beautiful waterfall on the way to Hile.
3. Pathibhara Temple- A temple dedicated to Shiva & Parvati
4. Namje Village


A two day stay in Bhedetar is enough to cover all the places. You can come back to Dharan if you want to visit Barahakshetra, one of the main pilgrimages in Nepal dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is just 22 km away from Dharan. ( The condition of the road is terrible, so go for it keeping that in mind.)

Some tips-

1. Carry enough cash. Most of the shops accept only cash & you can’t use Indian debit or credit cards in most of the places that accept card payment.
2. Download offline maps because the internet will be an issue. You might not be wanting to buy a SIM card for a couple of days plus international roaming packs are also very expensive. You can use wifi provided by some specific places to stay connected with your family & friends.
3. Don’t get confused while they quote a price for you. They might be asking in terms of Nepali Rupee. Just ask them to give you an offer in INR or do it yourself simply dividing the amount in NR by 1.6 ( 1 INR= 1.6 NR). You can also get some better deal if you try to haggle in INR as discussed earlier too.
4. Roads are narrow & the speed limit is 30 km per hour so be patient if you think that the vehicle is moving like a turtle.

I have been till Hile village on this route. Target was to reach as close as possible to the Makalu National Park, but couldn’t make it. This was a 4-5 days long bike trip from Asansol. Enjoyed too much, hope you will do so. If you have a plan to take a tour in Singapore, you can read it too.

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