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Bhangarh Tour – A walk to remember




Hey guys, Shahriat once again with a new Travel episode. Fellow travellers who are not aware of Bhangarh, please Google Asia’s most haunted places, you’ll get to know about it. On February 2020, I made this Trip. Let read my Travel Itinerary.

How to reach-

1. It is located just 70 km away from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. You can catch a local bus from there & reach Gola Ka baas, the nearest village of the fort (3 km).
2. It is 230 km away from New Delhi. If you’re travelling from Delhi, you need to get down in Dausa & catch local jeep which charges 25 bucks for Gola Ka baas. I did it.
3. If you want a comfortable & smooth journey to Gola Ka baas from Dausa, you should book a private vehicle as the drivers of jeeps load almost double of jeeps’ capacity making them jam-packed & impossible for a passenger to move a single inch.


Pro tips-

1. Try to reach Bhangarh as soon as possible because it’s a huge complex & you need at least 4-5 hours to explore it to the fullest.
2. Carry some snacks as well as water with you.

My experience-

As soon as I set my foot in Gola Ka baas, it started raining ( I went in August). I went to the main gate & bought the entry ticket (Rs 20 per head) & entered the complex. I wasn’t carrying a camera plus the weather wasn’t suitable for good photos. Still, I tried my best with my phone. I am planning to visit there in the near future to get some good photos plus it would be great to have a drone shot of the entire area along with the hills & jungles.

150-200 people came there that day but the area is so huge that a couple of thousands can enter there & still it’ll be serene.

At first, I covered the northwestern part of the complex where Shiva temple & the canal is located then I started moving towards the main building.

It is a multi-floored building. But if you want to reach the top of the Fort which is a structure like a rooftop, you have climb through some broken stairs or even jump because the major portion is collapsed. But you can get the view of the whole Fort complex along with the hills & jungles at three sides from that point.


A guy told me that the temple of the black magician who cursed the Royal family ruling the Fort is situated at the top of the hill. There’s no proper way to reach there but I spotted a narrow line which indicated the way of climbing to that spot. I asked him whether it’s possible to visit there. He replied that not many people visit there but it can be done. I was having an uncontrollable urge to get there but didn’t date to as I was alone. Had someone visited with me, I wouldn’t let it go. ( I am planning to cover that place too in my next trip).

After passing there for half an hour, I bought a coffee, climbed down & headed to the eastern part of the complex where a few other temples were located. The area was surrounded by jungle & the place was so quiet that it was giving me goosebumps even in daylight. Despite being a remote place, the signal strength of the mobile networks was strong.


After visiting those temples, I spotted a shepherd sitting there. I was started having chat with that guy. I asked him whether he or any local had ever experienced anything paranormal there. He replied that the surrounding forest is the part of Sariska Tiger Reserve. So those big cats come down from the hills after it gets dark, so if anyone stays back he has a risk of facing them. Another guy joined us after a few minutes, we had some conversation for the next half an hour. They were kind enough to offer me hukkah through chillum. ( I was blessed to have a true Rajasthani experience on my first trip).

It was 3 pm & time to leave. I slowly came out of the Fort. It was a unique experience & still, whenever I recall it, it mesmerizes me.

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