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How can I gain common sense?




You’re not stupid. Whoever calls you stupid doesn’t have the ability to measure your ability. It’s his failure. No human in the world is born with a lot of senses or logic. When I was a kid, some people are used to call me stupid for my stupidities. Even, the most beautiful girl in my class used to call me a clown? Alas! Just 7 years later – “She wants a job from me, wants to live with her two children”. Always believe,

You are not stupid; you’re just not very smart.

So what is common sense? Ahh! there are a lot of formal definitions but for me, It is “Do things Logically”. Easy right? Example? Bitta hard because It needs brainstorming. Well got one. Not going out nude in public is a common sense. Why? well, Sit down to read the article with a cup of dalgona coffee. Done? gotcha!

Logically common sense is what we are used to!

When you are used to people being naked it becomes meaningless. When you never see other people naked it becomes a big deal. The reasons we wear clothes are generally practical and not oppressive. I don’t know where you live but here in Canada being naked isn’t possible for most of the year. Cold in the winter and sunny in the summer, it’s always a good idea to cover up (not to mention the mosquitoes). Clothes also have pockets to keep your keys and money in. And the clothes look nice. IMO wearing clothes is more attractive than being naked. When you’re nude you look the same every day, you always look like yourself. With clothes, you can change your look from day to day, casual one day or fancy the next. love the comfort of nudity, but I’d much rather live in a world of clothes than a world without them. Reference: Quora We even can’t be rude either in a public place. Kinda hard?

Common sense is based on experience and learning how things work or affect other things. Things that hurt others or could hurt you should be remembered and avoided. This is common sense

Respecting elders? Of course, they deserve it! It is common sense and logical. Why? not because they are always right. but because they might have more experiences of being wrong! Shall not you love someone who has more practical experience than you? Definitely you are. This is a great example of Common sense. So ultimately, Not using abusive words, Treating everyone irrespective of status with respect, Loving children’s, Being kind, Not giving excuses for self or others, Respecting women, Ensuring the safety of loved one, Honesty, Saying Please, thank you, sorry, throwing trash where it belongs in the dustbin, Parking your car in a manner so as not to occupy two parking spaces, Which basically brings me to observing traffic rule, Not encouraging any hate talk are of all using common sense to solve day to day problems.

Indeed, I’m not a big fan of the term “common sense.” I think there’s a certain kind of person who puts way more stock in the value of their “common sense,” than it warrants. Really, it’s just a matter of your instincts about things, and it gets honed by experience, over time, that’s all. It’s not something you ever want to ignore or anything; people have it for a reason, but it’s most definitely no kind of substitute for actual critical thinking, investigation, logic, research and so on. I’ve met lots of people that will pull opinions straight out of there as about absolutely anything that comes up, even when it’s something they admit they’ve never heard about in their entire life, up to that moment, based on their “common sense,” and then loudly present their opinion as an “obvious fact…” and get honestly and seriously insulted if you point out that it’s nothing of the kind. Look at your Government system. You can learn something.. lol!

As Yahoo said “Pursue what you love, It’ll kinda connect with everything in general. Learn from other’s Mistakes. To lessen your pain and suffering in life and hopefully enjoy life with fewer problems. You need to learn how things work and how to maintain them. Good luck nothing is easy.

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