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On 21 February 2018, I have made my first Singapore Trip. Posting this Itinerary for the first time in my website, I hope you love it! This Itinerary is custom made according to my requirements and is a bit rigorous considering the budget (although we spend a bomb) and to amplify maximum sightseeing spots. I’ve optimized it to your best understanding in order to maximize out of your planned trip. You can duplicate according to my itinerary or feel free to make your own way. I hope it helps you in every way possible. I would like to thank Google for helping me in navigation, StarHub for uninterrupted & speedy cellular service, local people who always come forward to help you out if you’re stuck & last but not least thank my parents who supported & backed me throughout the adventure.

Days of stay – 5 nights, 6 days. Trip Cost – US. $1000 to $1200 or 80K to 100K BDT per person.

Best time to travel – Oct-Nov- March- April. Oct & Nov are the cool periods after which monsoons start from mid-November and continues till February. Air Ticket costs – 21k to 25k BDT economy return, It depends upon how early you book and which airline you go for. I took Singapore Airlines which cost us 31k for return and it was a direct flight both ways. Start booking at least 3 to 4 months prior to your travel period. Compare various options on expedia.com For Hotel Booking – You can book hotels via Booking.com or Agoda.com. Make sure your Hotel offers you a complimentary breakfast in your package, as most hotels don’t offer that because of wastage of food. It might be costly to include a complimentary breakfast but it’s certainly worth it, trust me!

If you’re not used to experimenting food when you travel, then better book your hotel @ Little India or Farrer Park. They’ve tons of Indian/Bangladeshi restaurants which you can try out during dinner time at night.

Shopping – near to Little India and Farrer Park there is a huge shopping complex, The Mustafa Centre. Here you can go for memento, gifts & chocolate shopping for your friends & relatives. You can also try out Bugis street shops for the same, but I haven’t tried that and locals say that it’s the best.

Travelling around the city – This is the most important of all the things mentioned, trust me there’s whole research involved in this but don’t worry I’ve simplified it for you. First, you will need to buy a local sim card. This is the most important tool for anyone who’s travelling without any tour package. I purchased StarHub Travel 4G prepaid sim card from Changi airport which cost us 32 SGD (approx BDT.2000/-). I know it’s a bit too much but trust me it always comes handy every time as they offer 100 GB data along with 90 mins of International calling. This sim also works in an underground MRT (Metro trains), so this one was best for us. Second, you’ll need to buy a tourist pass at Changi airport, which costs 30 SGD (including 10 SGD refundable deposit). This tourist pass can be used for every public transport like the MRT, Buses and LRT. These public transports are operated by SBS Transit. Third, get a Dual currency Credit card. Many Bangladesh banks can offer you Credit cards in which you can load your BDT and swipe over there in SGD. While you swipe in some shops they might ask you about the transaction which is to be carried out, so over here 2 options are given i.e. you are given the option of carrying out the transaction in BDT and second option is for transaction in SGD. So do press SGD as they charge a lot of conversion fees for BDT transactions. I would also advise you to carry sufficient SGD in cash format.

Places to visit – I’ve arranged these places in my order of travel and are not arranged according to prime sightseeing options. a. Night Safari b. Singapore Zoo c. River Safari d. Ang Mo Kio town bus tour. e. Mustafa Centre & street market around. f. Universal Studios g. Wings of Time h. Jurong Bird Park i. Raffles place j. Little India k. Gardens by the Bay – Flower Dome & Cloud Forest l. Sea Aquarium @ Sentosa m. Luge & Skyride @ Sentosa n. Cable Car to Sentosa Island o. Madame Tussauds @ Sentosa p. Singapore Flyer q. Merlion Photostop r. Marina Bay Sands Hotel. s. Changi Airport & The Jewel

Day Wise Travel breakup :

Day one – Night Safari – Saturday, 16th Nov 2019 – Although we reached Singapore in the morning we decided to keep only one sightseeing for the first day due to jet lag and shorter plane journey which was a bit tiresome and also the Hotels give check-in at 2 pm. We went for lunch at a nearby mall. In the evening by changing two buses and one metro we reached Night Safari. They’ve 3 entry timings, so choose the one which is early to explore more of it. To do things at Night safari is Tram ride and Creatures of Night show.

Day Two – Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Ang Mo Kio bus tour, Mustafa Centre – Sunday, 17th Nov 2019 – This day we decided to visit Singapore Zoo and River Safari. This is situated beside Night safari, so we had the same route as last night’s. If you’re not that much of a walking person then you can hop on for a tram ride for just 5 SGD, but trust me you’ll enjoy walking the most. You’ll see almost all the animals over there whom you’ve seen on National Geographic. Then we went to the River safari which is another great attraction. They have made a separate ecosystem for Panda. From there we caught Ang Mo Kio bus to MRT station, thus it was a short trip around the town. In the evening we visited Farrer Park MRT, where Mustafa centre market is situated. Then we had dinner at Anand Bhavan & proceeded towards our hotel.

Universal Studio

Day Three – Universal Studios, Wings of Time – Monday, 18th Nov 2019 – This day we upscaled our adventure experience. We visited Universal Studios, yay! Indeed, a Futuristic Amusement park. You’ve caught a mono train to enter the Sentosa island and thus have to purchase a different ticket worth 4 SGD to get a day pass, you can get this at Harbourfront station. We loved the Mummy ride, Transformers, Jurassic World, Battlestar Galactica roller coasters, Madagascar ride, Shrek 4d movie and ride @ Far far away land, Space adventure odyssey. They mention waiting time at the start of the queue. Universal studios consume your whole day and thus this adventure concludes at 6 pm and later we went for Wings of Time show by catching the same mono train for Beach station. This show is situated on Siloso beach. It’s a magnificent and memorable show describing a love story for 20 mins. Later we headed home to rest for the day.

Day Four – Jurong Bird Park, Raffles Place, Little India, Gardens by the Bay – Tuesday, 19th Nov 2019 – This day we decided to visit Jurong Bird Park. If you’re a bird lover then you must definitely visit this place. The new attraction to this place is the endangered species of Filippino Eagle, who has a wingspan of 2 meters. Macaw parrots are too common over here, you can even see the rare Blue Macaw imported from Brazil (from the animated movie Rio). From here we proceeded to Raffles place to view the commercial centre of Singapore. Then we proceeded to Little India for lunch. There we had a mouth watery South Indian meal at Komala Vilas Restaurant situated at Buffalo Road. From here we proceeded to Gardens by the bay. Here there are 3 things which you need to cover, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest & Super Grove Garden area. Flower dome and Cloud forest are air-cooled dome and hence are charged to visit them. Super groves are situated in the garden area which is free to roam around. Don’t miss the 7.40 pm opera show around the Super groves, you’ll just love them. After that, we headed back to our Hotel.

Sea Aquarium

Day Five – Sea Aquarium, Luge & Skyride @ Sentosa, Mustafa Centre market – Wednesday, 20th Nov 2019 – Again we’ve to hop onto Sentosa express by purchasing 4 SGD day pass. We visited the Sea Aquarium which has almost all the sea creatures. Dolphins, various Sharks, Octopus, Manta Ray, Jellyfish, Electric Eel and many more different species are preserved here. Then we went to Luge & Skyride, which has its own box of surprises. This is indeed a must-do thing to do in Singapore. You can also do Cable car and Madame Tussauds wax museum, as we have done wax museum during our London Trip then we decided to skip that. After this, we went to Mustafa Centre to purchase some souvenirs and chocolates for friends and family. Then we had our dinner at Komala Vilas Restaurant and later headed back to the hotel.

Day 6 – Merlion Photostop, Marina Bay Sands & The Jewel @ Changi Airport – 21st Nov 2019 – This was our last day hence we kept minimum sightseeing to rush early to Changi airport. We visited the Merlion, the traditional symbol of Singapore. You can also view the great Marina Bay Sands hotel from this point, you can click good pictures over here. We bought some souvenirs and had some beverages over here. You can also do the Singapore Flyer during this time, as we decided to skip because we had experienced the London eye. Then we proceeded to the hotel to get our bags and proceeded to Changi airport. There we visited a new addition over there which is, ‘The Jewel’ which is simply another man-made wonder of Singapore. Then we hopped onto our return flight (it was A380 Jumbo, that explains my costly ticket) and later landed home Dhaka!!!

Behind my hotel

Important tips to follow –

1. Drinking water is costly over there so make sure you take the bottles from hotel to stay hydrated throughout the day. The climate over there is more humid & bit hotter than in Dhaka. If you’re travelling throughout the day then don’t throw away empty bottles, as there are some spots where you can refill those bottles through common water dispensers, mostly seen at places of sightseeing.

2. Unlike in Europe where they charged to use public restrooms over here it’s free of charge. These public restrooms are kept very tidy, so we must help them keep the same.

3. You’ve got three meals around the day, Breakfast – which you should include this in your hotel stay. Lunch – Which you need to gulp down anything you get during your daily outings. Dinner – If you stay in Little India or near Farrer Park you can get loads of South Indian or Bengali Restaurant options. If you’re not used to experimenting with foods then don’t try or else youngsters can go for it at decent outlets.

3.1 Once when you’re travelling around Singapore you might find very fewer restaurants offering you Bengali or Indian food, so make sure to carry some dry food along with you so that it’s better to eat than starve. We also brought fruits and used to munch wherever possible. Local restaurants don’t serve you vegan food at all, all they binge on is meat which you might not like.

Singapore Street

4. Jaywalking is not allowed, a fine of 300 SGD (more than BDT 19,000) is levied, so use zebra crossing but first keep your eye on the signal. Please try to follow rules to stay away from any type of hassles.

5. I made a list of Electronic items to buy over there, as heard from many about the affordability of a variety of electronics, but it’s a myth. Electronics are damn costly over there, except for some items. I kept on comparing with the Amazon prices.

6. Keep additional source of funds. This can come handy whenever need arises.

7. If you’re opting for Pay later option to book hotels then please read the terms and conditions of that better. They lock the whole amount and release it once the payment is made but the actual credit takes 3 to 7 days, so be aware of that.

8. Always buy a Travel Insurance, look for the cover amount of at least USD 100000 and above. Insurance cost hardly charge you BDT 500 to 1000 for that much cover.

9. Locals are way too friendly, if you stumble upon any issue while reaching any destination then they’ll certainly help you. They certainly fulfil the condition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ or “Guests are God”.

10. Google map works so perfectly over here that when it says the bus is arriving in 1 min then voila! the bus actually arrives at the given time. That’s why you need a sim to navigate perfectly around.

11. There are signboards at every nook and corner wherever you travel. So keep your eye on them to reach your destination without any hassles.

12. You can book sightseeing tickets on klook.com, they even give you good offers. I booked Zoo and Safari through their official website which saved my money on the whole package of the zoo.

13. Plan your sightseeing by estimating the crowd. For e.g. Zoo’s are huge to roam around so you can visit them on weekends, you can see itself from my day-wise breakup.

14. Each and every sightseeing options have brochures and maps to travel around, so don’t forget to tag along with one. Even their buses have travel routes which always come handy if you don’t have google maps with you. I hope you like it, if you have any doubts then feel free to connect with me on

So that’s all to share. If you have any question, please put it in the comment box. I will replay as soon as possible. Thank you!


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