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Is Coronavirus a Chinese bioweapon?




So from the last couple of week, am hearing The coronavirus may have originated in a Chinese laboratory. Specifically, Wuhan Institute of Virology is being blamed for spreading the virus. Indeed, The story of how the COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan, China, has produced a nasty propaganda battle between the China rest of the world. Don’t you have this question coming up? whether China is accountable for releasing the virus? I have been thinking about the same question for months. I wanted to reach a final consultation and write the last note of COVID-19 propaganda. We have come to a conclusion by reading 95 Academic Journals and 25 Biocamestry expert’s articles. The details are as follows:

Here is the list of Propagandas & rumours that went viral-

  1. Elites from around the world including Bill Gates, Clinton’s, Soros secretly met with China to release the virus to advance their agenda to make a one-world order. Lol… {Indeed there have some reasonable reasons behind this question. In 1985, the Soviet Union (Russia) accused the US Central Investigation Agency (CIA) of manufacturing AIDS}
  2. The coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, originated in a level 4 (the highest biosafety level) research laboratory or Wuhan Institute of Virology’s laboratory
  3. China released Coronavirus to get back at Trump over his winning the tariff wars
  4. China has spread the virus to trade pharmaceuticals around the world.
  5. The CIA made this virus and spread on China to destroy Chinese fast-growing economy.
  6. China has spread the virus to trade pharmaceuticals around the world!
  7. The virus was engineered in the lab by humans as a bioweapon for WW3.
  8. The virus was being studied in the Wuhan lab (after being isolated from animals) and then “leaked” because of poor safety protocol.
US Senator claimed Wuhan is responsible for COVID 19

People including several prominent US conservative politicians on multiple Digital platforms and networks have shared the same or a similar version of the conspiracy. I and my team have read hundreds of hypothetical rumours from the commencement of March. I must say That’s obviously great. People are being very consequence of the new emerging viruses. Well, the exact origin of the novel coronavirus is still a mystery, but to know whether China is a biological weapon or not, a couple of things to consider:

First of all, tariff wars between China and the United States. If the Chinese were trying to hurt Trump by creating a viral epidemic, they’d know the best way to do that = infecting Americans to ensure mass consequences on Trump to hurt his popularity amongst American voters. So assuming that’s true, why wouldn’t they just release it in NYC subway station? Why affecting Australia? Why Bangladesh, India or even Chinese alley Pakistan? As powerful as the Chinese single party system seems, they get a lot of passes from regular Chinese citizens as long as the economy is humming along. So releasing a virus in your own country is like getting revenge on Nike Shoe Brand by shooting your self in the foot to destroy the Nike sneakers you’re wearing! Although, Similar hoax has also been running rampant in online news in China. A frontline news website of China name “The South China Morning” Post on February 20 that a Virus escaping from Wuhan Lab! But, when a Concerned Person of Wuhan Institue of Virology challenged the news authenticity, they expressed sorry too for their rumour and unverified news. But the rumour went viral already.

Second, if you were one of the ruling Chinese figures constructing your plan, Why would you choose/create a virus that disproportionately kills older people and twice as more men than women? Old Chinese men run China. Pandemics gonna crush Econ no matter the demographics. So how confident are you old Chinese spymaster that this virus ain’t gonna get ya? Then you want to release it in your own country instead of your targets country? Implausible right?

The Wuhan Institute of Virology

Third, why’d Chinese botch and cover up the spread at first? Give a week or 2 to escape China’s borders than come in as the saviour and become model country on how to stop a pandemic where the west is getting crushed? That’s the move to show world China is ready as the new superpower. Indeed, “Conspiracy theories about manmade viruses are not new. We saw this with HIV, Ebola, ZIKA Virus — the rumour that the US made it and introduced it into Africa. Similar hoaxes are still going on!

U.S. intelligence officials don’t think the pandemic was caused by deliberate wrongdoing. According to the Nature science Journal and Yahoo Answer

  1. Coronavirus came from the illegal trade and consumption of wild animals in China.
  2. Virologists have warned for decades that these markets where animals of all kinds from different geographical locations was a danger to public health and the likely source of the next pandemic!
  3. Local Chinese officials or the authority were responsible for inspecting these markets
  4. The international trade of wild animals is conducted by organized crime.
  5. The organized trade in wild animals is driving species into extinction
Wuhan Wett Market
  • Wet markets selling illegal wild animals were allowed to continue because corrupt communist officials were paid to look the other way.
  • When 7 local doctors discussed the new SARS-like pneumonia cases that were showing up in Wuhan, they were arrested and silenced. The public was not notified. Horrible tbh!
  • Nineteen days later there was a giant banquet in Wuhan for New Years where 40,000 people ate from common dishes. Chopsticks that went into mouths went back into the common dishes.
  • China issued statements that the virus could not spread from person to person that they knew were false.

These are facts that prove negligence, culpability, and financial responsibility to compensate for damage. So, most likely, at the Wuhan wet market where exotic creatures are sold out of cramped cages stacked on each other. Two viruses from the market were in mammals like bat and pangolin. Then Killed together or transmitted through shared fluids in cages on top each other. Although scientists say they believe bats were likely the original host, it’s also very possible, the study notes, that the virus was transferred from a bat to another animal that may have been at the seafood market in Wuhan. If It is then, what us your conclusion?

No, China did not create COVID-19 or it Is not a biological Weapon for ww3. It’s just a manmade disaster. Stop blaming china!

Overwhelming scientific evidence suggests the coronavirus originated in nature, and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. The End!

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