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Ajoy Kundu-Story of an unfold Newsman




Journalists are at heart storytellers who are not sanctioned to let their imagination interfere with the plot. And when the anecdote is a pandemic, a disaster unfolding in abstruse ways in a society where ascendant entities endeavor to obnubilate facts and throttle the media, their job gets tougher. To appraise the public during these dubious times, newsrooms across the country have made COVID coverage a High priority! But the ever-transmuting and sometimes unverified nature of COVID-19 data being relinquished have left journalists and researchers with challenges in providing true and perfect information to the public.

The spotlight now is rightly on COVID emergency replication staff and caregivers. In some instances, medicos have uploaded their Snaps and Mojos to show the world the conditions inside Hospital rooms. One group Medicos in Bangladesh has cut the world’s attention to wrapping themselves in Poly-bags to fight against invisible enemies.

Prothom-Alo Bandhushava Program relief Program

Napoleon always fought from the front. He believed – he is a frontier. When the fearless Napoleon led from the front, his general would rush towards the enemy with his sword and enter the enemy’s camp with the fear of death. Many of our generations have not seen war. Napoleon also died. Legends are constantly saying goodbye to history.

This is the first time since 1971 that an external enemy has attacked Bangladesh. This invisible enemy cannot be seen or touched. However, its destruction has killed about 3000 people. In this war there are no warriors, no clapping of arms, no horses or no fighting. There is no bloodshed in this war like the traditional war scenario. Moreover, The enemy is winning, civilization is disappearing. When the people of the world are in awe of this unknown enemy, doctors, nurses, police and journalists have started a frontline war against this enemy. Today I will tell you the story of such an unknown news fighter.

Ajay Kundu, is the district correspondent of Prothom-Alo, the most widely circulated Bengali newspaper in Bangladesh. The 25-year-old is working with the corona data. Madaripur district has been considered as a corona hotspot from the very beginning. The number of Corona patient is rocketing up in this small district. The rate of infection is increasing by leaps and bounds. Ajay continuously going to the remote areas to cover latest corona situation.

Once I said in a seminar – The world should be handed over to young people to make it beautiful. The best acknowledgement of the word that I did not say wrong is this young Newsman. A few days ago I was sitting with Ajay. Suddenly a phone call came. On the other side of the phone is the voice of a cancer patient. He said he needed B-positive blood on rushed. Ajay just came back from outside. Exhausted Ajay certainly rushed to give blood. After giving blood, Ajay looked like the propeller of a wrecked plane.

There are very few people who sacrifice their lives for the benefit of family, society, country and humanity. Again, some people are spending sleepless nights in the Corona period where everyone is enjoying quarantine. Ajay is one of those people on that list.

As I work with investigative news, I secretly started meeting Ajoy’s Friend. As I work with investigative news, I secretly started meeting Ajoy’s Friend. The boy’s name is Md Yuvraj Hossain Pavel. He is the Vice-President of Bangladesh Student League, Madaripur Government Collage. I approached him for information. I paste there the information I got from him – Ajoy is a great person on my view. I have spent a lot of time with him. As a best friend, he is not so useful or, helpful. But, as a human being, he is the most helpful and mankind person. It’s really tough to tell about him in short. It’s like, he is a composition and I have to write a paragraph. By the way, at least I have to tell you that he is one of the best friends ever I have.

For more information, I met a local concerned person. His name is Shohel Khan. He currently owns a shopping mall called “Bithi Mini Bazar” in Madaripur city. He said –

Ajay Bhai is a very good man. A lot can be written about him. His manners and writing are amazing.

Above all, as a blogger I found Ajoy is a refreshing delightful guy to work with compared to other journalists I’ve dealt with. He is good at what he did, he was polite, understanding, patient and is flexible to adapt the best approach! If you want someone who really understands you, then hiring Ajoy is a no brainer – do it and you won’t be disappointed! Thank you


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